[aur-general] Account

Aniket Pradhan aniket17133 at iiitd.ac.in
Thu Jun 13 18:32:07 UTC 2019

Hello Radislav and everyone!

I am not sure I get a vote, but Aye! (Sorry, but had to use this quote :P)

> We are all sometimes doing strange things
I agree with this. I suspect Goncalo was/is being naive here. He
probably had no idea that one cannot just take over a package
maintainership like that.

Maybe he just liked the _said_ package and wanted to maintain it. It
was definitely strange, but at least he was honest and didn't try to
make another account and spam the same thing (I am not giving ideas).
Other than that, he is still interested in trying to develop some
packages (because he wants to get unblocked) and help the community.

In my opinion, a six-month ban is sufficient for a person who wants to
try the AUR out, and want to learn more about it. However, if he
commits the same mistakes after giving out many warnings, then I'd say
its time for a permanent banhammer.


Aniket Pradhan
Byld Member
ECE Undergrad | IIIT Delhi

P.S. I just went through his orphan requests and a few comments and
replies. Sorry if I don't know the whole story but just want to help a
fellow peer and get him a second chance. :D

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