[aur-general] Are AUR VCS packages that depend on AUR VCS packages from other projects a good idea and who should decide on that ?

Bruno Pagani bruno.n.pagani at gmail.com
Fri May 3 17:09:19 UTC 2019

Le 03/05/2019 à 18:29, Eli Schwartz via aur-general a écrit :
> On 5/3/19 11:44 AM, Bruno Pagani wrote:
>> I still think that you would get a better user experience even for this
>> case by telling the users explicitely that this depends on llvm-git.
>> Because else, people would install mesa-git once, which will pull
>> llvm-git as a dependency and build it for this only time, and any
>> subsequent user update of mesa-git to get newer features might results
>> in this sub-par experience he seems afraid of because gradually their
>> installed llvm-git will get old if they don’t realize they need to
>> update both. That’s why I’m against any sort of PKGBUILD imposed dep on
>> a -git package without a pinned comment telling why. And the only way to
>> be sure that the user will read it if they use the -git dependency, is
>> either that this dependency is absolutely required (because e.g. it does
>> not compile without it or does not run, in which cases listing it in
>> depends is OK), or that they have to read this first to realize they can
>> and maybe should swap the standard dep with the -git one.
> What, people install multiple -git packages, but then refuse to ever
> update them unless they were installed with --asexplicit? I literally
> cannot fathom that idea, and have never heard of such a notion. I've
> heard of people who would leave them both not-updated, though.
> I don't believe anyone will ever do as you fear.

They came for mesa-git, did not took care about which dependency were
pulled. They update mesa-git, but don’t think of llvm-git because they
were never informed this is especially relevant for mesa-git.

Other case : user already has llvm-git for whatever reason, but like you
said don’t update it (they forgot about it, don’t care…). They install
mesa-git from AUR, llvm-git dependency is already satisfied. But at that
point, their llvm-git could even be older than repo llvm (granted, at
this stage they would have other issues). So depending on llvm-git in
mesa-git does not achieve a lot.

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