[aur-general] Notification of GPL violation

Antoine Viallon antoine at lesviallon.fr
Tue May 25 12:56:12 UTC 2021

24 mai 2021 09:11 "Miguel Revilla Rodríguez via aur-general" <aur-general at lists.archlinux.org> a

> Then we only have to start using xdelta instead of diff to create the
> patches and we will be fine, as the deltas don't contain any of the
> original code, but only instructions on how to convert it to the new one.

Correct me if I'm wrong, but I think we could also use `diff -U0`, as it does not include any
context at all.
Only and strictly only the lines added and removed are mentionned.
This means that, if you do not remove any lines at all, you should be fine.

Antoine Viallon (aviallon)

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