[aur-general] New maintainer

Xiretza xiretza+archml at xiretza.xyz
Sat Sep 11 08:22:13 UTC 2021

On 11/09/2021 09.44, Florian Bruhin via aur-general wrote:
> Hey Jason,
> On Fri, Sep 10, 2021 at 07:19:16PM -0400, Jason Kercher via aur-general wrote:
>> if anyone has a minute to look at my PKGBUILD, that would be great.
> A couple of suggestions:
> - Variables which are empty or set to their default values (e.g.
>    pkgver=1.0) aren't needed. I'd recommend only setting those you
>    actually want to set.
For some of the empty arrays, I agree, but I'd leave pkgver= as-is - it just happens to be 1.0 right now, but that will presumably change soon.
> - "provides=(libfql.so)" seems odd to me. The "provides" key is used
>    when your package provides a drop-in alternative for another package,
>    but there's no libfql.so package. You can probably just remove that
>    one.

 From PKGBUILD(5):

 > provides (array)
 >   [snip]
 >   If the provision name appears to be a library (ends with .so), makepkg
 >   will try to find the library in the built package and append the correct
 >   version. Appending the version yourself disables automatic detection.

This allows you to specify "depends=('foo.so=2')". Not sure if that's actually used anywhere, but many packages specify the provides= anyway.

> - Why the "sudo" in "sudo make install"? You don't need root privileges
>    to package something. If you do, then your PKGBUILD is trying to write
>    files outside of $pkgdir, which would be bad.

That is indeed what it's trying to do - OP didn't use DESTDIR with "make install", so it's trying to install to the host system. Slapping a "sudo" in front of it is of course the completely wrong thing to do, and causes anyone building the package outside a chroot to clobber their system.


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