[aur-general] yaourt - Was: aurweb v6.0.0 Release

Kevin Morris kevr at 0cost.org
Thu Feb 10 17:23:23 UTC 2022

On Thu, Feb 10, 2022 at 05:42:27PM +0100, sL1pKn07 SpinFlo via aur-general wrote:
> in some cases still working for me.
> for example yesterday when upgrade a lib32 package stored in [AUR] (the
> "64bits" counterpart package landed in [testing]), which yay refuse to
> reload the dependencies when modify the depends=(package=$pkgver). yay
> always take the old version in core/extra/community instead of reload the
> new depends list when edited the PKGBUILD
> greetings

It's working for now because of a temporary patch, noted in
which was deployed for yay.

This will be removed on March 4th, and so while I feel bad for yaourt,
Ralf is correct.


Kevin Morris
Software & Linux Enthusiast
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