[aur-requests] [PRQ#10039] Deletion Request for visual-studio-code

Alad Wenter alad at mailbox.org
Mon Dec 18 19:39:25 UTC 2017

> Duru Can Celasun <can at dcc.im> hat am 18. Dezember 2017 um 20:25 geschrieben:
> Nevertheless, I've pushed a new package with the -bin suffix [2].
> However, I'd like to urge everyone to reject this rename request.
> Assuming the -oss package renames itself to remove the suffix, it will
> cause tremendous confusion among users of the binary package, especially
> since the "new" package would have reduced functionality (no extension
> gallery) compared to the current binary package. 
> As far as I can see, there is no way to use conflicts/replaces in the
> PKGBUILD to avoid the above situation. So please, let's not do this.
As I mentioned in the comments, this is not sufficient reason to go against AUR package guidelines. In fact, the popularity is even more reason for a package to respect AUR guidelines - as these are commonly used as reference for other packages.

Thanks for submitting the -bin package. I will merge the visual-studio-code package there shortly. Whether the visual-studio-code-oss package should be moved back to visual-studio-code is another topic for discussion.


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