[pacman-dev] some differences between Arch's and Frugalware's Pacman branches

Aaron Griffin aaronmgriffin at gmail.com
Mon Oct 23 19:43:03 EDT 2006

Yeah, I side with vmiklos here.  We can't stay 100% alike all the
time.  Alot of these things were fairly minor so I found no need to
say "omg update" - i.e. I added the current time output to debug logs,
just so I could get an estimate on timing (parsing community takes
about 11 seconds, ugh).

In a few minutes I'll be applying a few changes - I'd like to fix that
scrollbar issue.  Odd thing is I did nothing but change the order of
the printfs... I have no idea how that would change on 64bit, but I
can plug and chug....

On 10/23/06, VMiklos <vmiklos at frugalware.org> wrote:
> > 2) There are differences in progressbar and log implementations. Some
> > code has been moved from libalpm/log.h and libalpm/server.h to
> > libalpm/handle.c in Frugalware's branch.
> > 3) _alpm_db_search, alpm_pkg_load, alpm_pkg_free call _alpm_log in
> > Arch's branch.
> > 4) alpm_cb_log has been moved from log.h to alpm.h in Frugalware's branch.
> please put out these diffs to somewhere or paste them here, i don't
> remember such differences

There's probably a few of these.  Keep in mind, I'm still not 100%
familiar with all the code, so sometimes when it takes me some time to
track something down, I add a debug message in that spot to make it
easier for me or someone else to find.

I also moved the extern decls around to promote reuse a bit better
(and I highly dislike re-declaring the extern in every file that needs
it, it belies the definition of an interface).

> > Very little differences, some looks a bit strange for me:
> > 1) In pacman/sync.c, lines 164 and 204 - two strange little cosmethic
> > changes. :-/
> yes, there are many - in a previous mail Aaron said he likes such
> cosmetics

Judd has a small portion of 'style guidlines' here:
When we/me/you come across things like this, I'll ask him to remedy
anything that's not in that doc.

> mostly temporarily differences, as you can see :)


> btw then probably you excluded the scripts dir: the "building in chroot"
> and subpackages and such other makepkg features aren't merged

I think there were a few too many "frugal*" changes made and I skipped
that one at the time... must have forgotten about it.  Could you toss
me a patch for those changes?

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