[pacman-dev] Install files and messages

Christ Schlacta aarcane at gmail.com
Sun Jan 7 05:17:54 EST 2007

either printhl, or some new function that could be added to
/etc/rc.d/functions, such as a message function.  good idea I think.
the message function could buffer all output and display it at the end
of a pacman -Syu.

On 1/6/07, Simo Leone <simo at archlinux.org> wrote:
> On Sat, Jan 06, 2007 at 01:21:16PM -0500, Dan McGee wrote:
> > Here are my thoughts on the situation. As every package builder seems
> > to have their own presentation format for displaying messages (e.g.
> > echo ">>>...", echo "  **...**"), it would be nice to have a way to
> > unify it. Most (all?) messages are in one of two places- post_install
> > or post_upgrade. I propose these messages should be moved out of these
> > scriptlets, and moved into a variable, likely still located in the
> > install file as this is packaged up with the package (unlike the
> > PKGBUILD). These variables could be called install_msg and
> > upgrade_msg, respectively. The scriptlets would still remain, but any
> > output would be 'nonessential'.
> >
> By nonessential, I hope you don't mean thrown out altogether. Some
> install script output is conditional, because it isn't relevant to
> everyone that installs the package. I don't see why we should complicate
> things by adding yet another variable to do what some echo lines used to
> do either.
> That said, perhaps some sort of function to standardize the output could
> be used... I'm thining something along the lines of printhl() from
> /etc/rc.d/functions .
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