[pacman-dev] spanish translation

Juan Pablo González T. lord_jotape at yahoo.com.ar
Sat Mar 31 13:43:48 EDT 2007

Hi again! your Spanish is good. even better than my English. 
I'm using cvs.archlinux.org. But obviously with the "anoymous" acount.
the cvsroot is this:
CVSROOT=":pserver:anonymous at cvs.archlinux.org:/home/cvs-pacman"

the new question is.who can receive my files and upload to the cvs

Other question is about my trasnslation, that is encoded in utf-8. is that a problem?

thanks for your help!
Juan Pablo González Tognarelli
James Rosten <seinfeld90 at gmail.com> escribió: 
On Mar 31, 2007, at 12:37 AM, Juan Pablo González T. wrote:

> Hi. I'm working in a translation of pacman to my native language,  
> the spanish.
> i already done and corrected the pacman.po, and right now i'm  
> working on libalpm.po. both for the "es" locale
> the reason of this mail is the next question:
> how can i send you my work?
> thank you for your patience.
> greetings!!

Si estás usando CVS de cvs.archlinux.org, puedes usar estos mandatos  
en el CVS directorio:
cvs add src/pacman/es.po lib/libalpm/es.po
cvs diff

Si estás usando git de code.toofishes.net, tienes que leer http:// 

Entonces, copia el "patch" en tu "email."

Now in case my high school spanish made no sense:
If you are using the pacman code from CVS, you can use the commands:
cvs add src/pacman/es.po lib/libalpm/es.po
cvs diff

If you are using the pacman code from toofishes's (Dan's) git repo,  
read http://www.archlinux.org/pipermail/pacman-dev/2007-March/ 
002428.html for how to make a patch.

Then, copy the results from "cvs diff" or copy the contents of the  
patch from git into your email.

Hope this helps.

~ Jamie / yankees26
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