[pacman-dev] [patch] testdb, reworked

Xavier shiningxc at gmail.com
Wed Oct 10 08:33:29 EDT 2007

On Wed, Oct 10, 2007 at 07:00:15AM -0500, Dan McGee wrote:
> Um, bigger problems here.
> 1. We are including a private header outside of the library, a big
> no-no. Can't use conflict.h outside of the libalpm directory.
> 3. If we need check conflict to be public, it needs to be declared in
> alpm.h and have an alpm_ prefix. Aaron- not sure why you thought it
> should be private...it was static before. This is two jumps in
> visibility.

Indeed, I already tried to explain that in my reply to the first version of
this patch.

> 2. We are using _alpm_str_cmp publicly (edit: I see now that it is
> defined in testdb.c. What was I thinking when I let that slip by? We
> shouldn't use the _alpm prefix anywhere. outside of the library, just
> a copy paste issue though.)

Oops, my mistake, copy/paste issue indeed :)

But I also noticed I didn't follow the prefix rules in some of my earlier
patches, when I hadn't understood them fully yet :P

> 4. FREELIST? libalpm private function.

Ah right, I didn't notice this.

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