[pacman-dev] pacman i18n

Hugo Doria hugodoria at gmail.com
Wed Jul 16 11:58:10 EDT 2008


What I want is to have a central place where anyone interested in i18n
can have the necessary information to help with this.

IMHO this means, for example, have all the POT files of Arch's tools
(not only pacman) in one place. I do not want to make pacman more or
less dependent of Arch. What I want is that when people think "I want
to help translate Arch and its tools" they can find everything they
need in one place.

Dan can still host the POT files and I can only put a link to them at
the i18n project page. I think that have a translators list on the
page is important. This facilitates communication and can prevent
someone translate something that is already being translated.

I think that a good communication between the i18n project and pacman
is also essential. A notice of future dates of string freeze, for
example. Things will be easier now that I am a member of this ML.

As I spoke, the i18n project has several goals and help with pacman
translations is only part of this (an important one). I just want to
make life easier for translators. I do not want, in any way, hinder,
obstruct or cause any change in pacman's development.

Well, i am open to suggestions on how this integration can work or
whether we should forget this idea.

-- Hugo Doria

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