[pacman-dev] pacman i18n

Matthias Gorissen matthias at archlinux.de
Wed Jul 16 13:10:39 EDT 2008

While I do not think that pacman's current translation process should be 
changed, I welcome any other approach towards i18n/l10n. If you can come up 
with a POT file for the installer, just count me in for the German version. 
Of course, this means that several small files must be added to the images, 
so nothing could be done without the consent of Simo or others.

Another point which has been discussed often over the last two years on this 
list was translating man-pages. This has always been considered a good idea 
with very little priority. So I decided to do some stuff before bringing this 
issue up again, asked for help in the German forums (which I received) and 
set up a project on my own. Like the pacman devs, we are using asciidoc to 
produce html and groff versions. The first will allow us to mirror the entire 
archlinux.org/pacman page at archlinux.de, to link directly to German 
versions from our wiki, etc. The second is intended for building a locally 
installable packages at a later date (with the appropriate form still needing 
to be discussed).

I have not worked much on that recently, but is fair to say that all the hard 
work has already done. The files are badly in need of corrections und 
updates, though. Entire project history is here, btw:
Maybe it is still not to late to get a first version online jointly with 
pacman 3.2.

Best regards,

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