[pacman-dev] Bumping a couple of patches

Nagy Gabor ngaba at bibl.u-szeged.hu
Sat May 17 07:11:02 EDT 2008

> > I don't see any clean solution for this. My main problem: it is impossible
> to
> > restore the "before makepkg" state. If we upgraded a package, we cannot
> > downgrade (btw. I hope we don't remove it now!);
> Well, no one changed this behavior recently, so if we removed packages 
> before, we still do it now :)

I don't know how we did earlier, but I guess we remove it (I'm not on linux
machine now, just looked into gitweb), which is odd. 

> > if we have an orphan package
> > and we installed package which needs it, with -Rs we does an unwanted
> orphan.
> > vmiklos's method seems safer to me here...
> >
> I don't understand, any chances you could try to explain that again?

Yes. A word missing :-/ (deletion). So you have an orphan package 'pkg'
installed on system. You like it, but you didn't change its install reason to
explicit with --asexplicit. You build something via makepkg which pulls a
package from sync, which needs 'pkg'. Then the final remove_deps steps will also
remove pkg due to -Rs, which you probably didn't want...
Vmiklos's method: he records the state of installed packages at the beginning of
makepkg then he removes the new packages at the end. Package upgrade can mess
things up a bit here too, since if you upgrade a package, that may have pulled
new dependencies, which is needed after makepkg run (no downgrade). But we have
a fancy -Ru option for this (and in general to force -R without harm) ;-P


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