[pacman-dev] 3.5.0 release planning

Dan McGee dpmcgee at gmail.com
Mon Jan 31 21:39:21 EST 2011

It is time for a major release; we've had a bunch of stuff baking in
master for a while that should get out to the masses.

Open/pending release blockers:
* Local database sanity check- ensure we are operating on an updated
pacman database. I will have a potential patch for this shortly.
* Allan's pkghash branch and work. This should be good to go, we were
just sorting out a few lingering issues.
* soprovides/sodeps. This may/may not make it, depending upon how fast
we can reach consensus and compromise. I'm hopeful.
* Translation doings. We need to get Transifex updated a tad now that
they have changed the way things work on their end, and make sure we
can handle everything through their interface. If anyone wants to head
this up, please let me know. This is *not* a call for translations.
* Just *one* person to step up and not be lazy:

Let me know if you think there are additional items I have left off
this list. Not on this list on purpose: hooks, package signing,


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