[pacman-dev] Dependency Problem with bzr and makepkg

Bruno Pagani bruno.pagani at ens-lyon.org
Sun Mar 27 11:27:56 UTC 2016

Le 27 mars 2016 13:25:16 GMT+02:00, Andrew Gregory <andrew.gregory.8 at gmail.com> a écrit :
>On 03/27/16 at 12:40pm, Tim wrote:
>> What is the minimal required set of preintalled packages  to build
>> packages, is base-devel not enough? Or is it possible to add bzr as a
>> dependency to pacman (or move it from extra to base-devel)?
>What do you man by "minimal required set of preinstalled packages to
>build own packages"?  The set of packages required to build something
>depends entirely on the package you are trying to build.

I think the question is, excepted base-devel, which packages are assumed to be installed on any system in order to build any package, outside of the makedependz of that package. So, like base-devel packages are not in makedepends, are there any other package that is in the same case?

I believe not, since this is the purpose of base-devel. So, the issue here is rather the one you’ve pointed out: bzr.sh should not be sourced before bzr is installed.


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